Ethos Azeite

Ethos Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A sensory experience, born from the tradition of the Mondego Valley.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

One of the best olive oils in the world.

The quality of our olive oils is determined by the way we produce, care for, and supply them. The Ethos range of olive oils stems from a passion for producing high-quality olive oil in a region rich in the tradition of this ancient practice.



A legacy that honors tradition.

Ethos is a Greek word that represents the set of traits and modes of behavior that shape the character or identity of man and the community. It is the home of man, in other words, nature. The Greeks understood that man lives in ethos, understood as the normative expression of his own nature. This is also the etymological origin of the word ethics, the set of moral standards and values of a group or individual. With this in mind, we conduct ourselves with respect for nature and the origin of our olive oil. Cold extracted in a strictly controlled process, from the olive grove to the final product, it is a tribute to the tradition of the Mondego Valley combined with modern techniques for producing high quality olive oil.

From the Mondego Valley to the world.

Ethos is produced in the heart of the Mondego Valley, from three farms where olive oil has always been a tradition. Taste our olive oil, visit the mill, and enjoy the landscape of the olive grove. Get to know our farms.

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Why choose our olive oil?

The result we obtain from each production reflects what the olive grove offers us, combined with the character we attribute to our oil. Modern production techniques, combined with the knowledge of decades of experience, make this product a perfect ode to the olive oil tradition of the Mondego Valley.

Origin - Ethos

Ready to welcome you.

Located in the heart of the Mondego Valley, our farms are ready to welcome you. Taste our olive oil, visit the mill, or explore the region. Be amazed.


Other experiences.

As well as olive groves, Quinta de São Lourenço has several hectares of vineyards. Come and see them and taste our wine.

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